Do you need someone to

take care of your website?

Do you want to use its full potential to meet your goals while focusing on your business rather than technical details?

You are in the right place!

Imagine that…

Your website works faster than with most providers

We care abo­ut your websi­te­’s spe­ed so that it distin­gu­ishes you from your com­pe­ti­tion. It loads in abo­ut 1 second on your com­pu­ter. On a slow cell pho­ne con­nec­tion - up to a maxi­mum of 4 seconds. Our hosting is opti­mi­zed to work with WordPress.

Your website and your mail are secure

We pro­vi­de pro­tec­tion aga­inst viru­ses and hac­king attempts on your websi­te. You can con­nect to our e-mail only via encryp­ted com­mu­ni­ca­tion. By default, advan­ced mecha­ni­sms pre­vent your ema­il from being spammed.

Your website is always available

We check the ava­ila­bi­li­ty of your pages eve­ry minu­te. Thanks to this, we will pro­ba­bly find out faster than you that some­thing is wrong. And we will fix it quic­kly. You can sle­ep peacfully.

… and you can take care of your goals without worrying about your website.


safe and fast

Take a moment to think

Did you know that…

0 %
of all websi­tes are based on Word­Press. This makes it the most popu­lar con­tent mana­ge­ment sys­tem on the Web.
0 %
of websi­te infec­tions tar­get pages run­ning on Word­Press.
0 %
of Word­pres page cle­aning requ­ests con­cer­ned instal­la­tions that were not up-to-date, i.e. did not run cur­rent ver­sions of Word­Press, the­mes or plugins.
0 %
of infec­tions are so-cal­led „Back­do­ors” - spe­cial pro­grams that allow an attac­ker to access the server and can spre­ad infec­tions onto other sites on the same hosting.
0 %
of infec­tions are „mal­wa­re” - mal­wa­re that aims to harm websi­te visi­tors.
0 %
of infec­tions are „Spam-SEO” infec­tions - they aim to com­pro­mi­se a page by repla­cing its title and descrip­tion in a search engi­ne. In addi­tion, they can redi­rect your visi­tors to mali­cio­us websites.

… and this means that your website is at risk too!

As you can see, if a websi­te is not pro­per­ly main­ta­ined, it may not only be inac­ces­si­ble to you, cau­sing down­ti­me and busi­ness los­ses, but also infec­ting other websi­tes and even visi­tors» computers.

That is why it is so impor­tant not only to take care of the websi­te­’s appe­aran­ce and con­tent, but also of its „inte­rior”. The parts that are not visi­ble to visi­tors. The websi­te­’s „bel­ly”.

Why is a fast-loading website so important to the online business?

visitors» convenience

A user visi­ting a websi­te is more like­ly to stay on it when it is a ple­asu­re to use.

Users don’t like to wait, they are often impa­tient, so eve­ry second of pro­lon­ged loading incre­ases the like­li­ho­od of aban­do­ning the page (and moving to your com­pe­ti­tion).

The­re­fo­re, faster websi­tes mean more conver­sions (tur­ning visi­tors into customers).

seo and google rank

Faster pages are pre­fer­red by Google becau­se Google robots are able to index more pages within the inde­xing bud­get. And that trans­la­tes into posi­tion in search results.

A bet­ter posi­tion means more users on the site, and also more poten­tial custo­mers of your business.

Higher user retention

Shor­ter loading times mean lower boun­ce rates and lon­ger time spent on the site.

The boun­ce rate deter­mi­nes the per­cen­ta­ge of visits to your site that ended after vie­wing the first lan­ding page - when the user did not con­ti­nue brow­sing your site.

A lon­ger time spent on the site indi­ca­tes inte­rest in its content.

So if you run an online business or one that benefits from the Internet, these factors can help you grow it.

So what can you do …

We invite you under our caring wings!

Our goal is to free you from your websi­te-rela­ted tasks, so that you can ful­ly focus on what you love - your busi­ness, your pas­sion, your blog.

We will take care of your site „as if it were ours”, you can be sure of that.

We have created a website maintenance package

Its con­tent is based on our 20 years of expe­rien­ce in both the IT indu­stry and wor­king with websi­tes. We know Word­Press insi­de out. Recent years gave us a lot of expe­rien­ce with run­ning onli­ne busi­nesses, e-com­mer­ce sto­res, and onli­ne mar­ke­ting campaigns.

That is why our pac­ka­ge is tailor-made for people who run onli­ne busi­nesses and do not want to wor­ry abo­ut tech­ni­cal issu­es. For tho­se who are awa­re that the­ir websi­te is a cru­cial ingre­dient of the­ir onli­ne business.

When you deci­de to trust us with your websi­te­’s main­te­nan­ce, you will be put­ting it in good hands!

See what you get as part of the package

Our server runs a com­mer­cial softwa­re sup­por­ting your websi­te - Lite­spe­ed. By default, we install a Word­Press plu­gin on your websi­te, which allows it to coope­ra­te with the server in order to uti­li­ze it to its full poten­tial. This con­tri­bu­tes posi­ti­ve­ly to the spe­ed of your site.

On our server you can only use the latest ver­sions of PHP - the pro­gram­ming lan­gu­age with which Word­Press was cre­ated. This impro­ves spe­ed of your website.

We use effi­cient clo­ud servers, leased from Digi­tal Oce­an. Servers run on fast SSD drives.

Thanks to the use of Lite­spe­ed softwa­re, your websi­te works using the HTTP / 2 pro­to­col, and soon - HTTP / 3! We are up to date.

We stri­ve to ensu­re that your websi­te loads within a maxi­mum of three seconds. This is not always possi­ble when some­one else has cre­ated your websi­te, but as part of the audit we will tell you what needs to be done to make your websi­te meet cur­rent standards!

Our hosting is acti­ve­ly run­ning an anti-virus pro­gram, a fire­wall pro­tec­ting your websi­te, and an anti-mal­wa­re sys­tem. We secu­re your doma­in with the DNS­SEC mecha­nism, which pre­vents some­one from imper­so­na­ting your doma­in. We acti­ve­ly scan your websi­te ensu­ring its highest secu­ri­ty and resi­stan­ce to infec­tions and viruses.

All login attempts with incor­rect login deta­ils to your site are saved. If the­re are 5 such attempts in a short time, then such a per­son will not be able to re-enter your site for the next hour, which effec­ti­ve­ly limits DDOS attacks that aim to take your websi­te offline.

Refer to the sec­tion on Word­Press upda­tes and plugins.

Mail on our server is scan­ned by the anti­vi­rus pro­gram in real time. Mecha­ni­sms are imple­men­ted that pre­vent attac­kers from sen­ding spam on your behalf, which could put your repu­ta­tion at risk. The­se mecha­ni­sms are SPF, DKIM and DMARC.

You will be con­nec­ting to the mail on our server using SSL encryp­ted communication.

Bac­kups of your files fol­low the 3-2-1 rule, which makes your files reco­ve­ra­ble in most cases.

The bac­kup is saved to three dif­fe­rent media. We save it on the main server, on an addi­tio­nal server, used only for bac­kups, and on a third server, phy­si­cal­ly loca­ted out­si­de of the main server room.

Thanks to this, when the data on the main server is destroy­ed, for exam­ple, when Frank­furt is cut off from the world, we can easi­ly resto­re your data from Amster­dam. If all Western Euro­pe was per­ma­nen­tly cut off from the Inter­net, then we have a third backup.

We keep bac­kup copies for three mon­ths. The­ir cor­rect­ness is chec­ked daily, so you won’t get any unple­asant sur­pri­ses when you need to resto­re your data!

Eve­ry day we per­form visu­al tests of your websi­te to ensu­re eve­ry­thing is cor­rect. When some­thing is wrong, we respond imme­dia­te­ly by fixing the error. The­se types of errors may occur due to plug-in upda­tes or the the­me used on your site.

By default, the main page is chec­ked, but if other sub­pa­ges of your page are impor­tant to you - they will also be tested. All scre­en­shots are sto­red for a month and you can access them any time.

Func­tio­nal tests work in a simi­lar way, except that they con­cern site ope­ra­tion. If your websi­te is focu­sed on sales, the sales path is chec­ked once a day.

Exam­ple 1: adding a pro­duct to cart, visi­ting the chec­ko­ut and display­ing the cho­ice of pay­ment methods from the pay­ment ope­ra­tor with whom you coope­ra­te is being tested.

Exam­ple 2: the most impor­tant ele­ment of your websi­te is the con­tact form. Once a day, it is auto­ma­ti­cal­ly fil­led in chec­ked whe­ther it has been sent to you correctly.

In addi­tion, your servi­ces are moni­to­red eve­ry minu­te. If some­thing hap­pens to your page or ema­il - we’ll pro­ba­bly find out sooner than you 🙂

Your page is your page. Your mail is your mail. Your doma­in is your doma­in. The­re are no exceptions.

We focus on the rela­tion­ship with you. We do not limit your access to either the server, Word­Press or your ana­ly­ti­cal tools. We do not limit access to any­thing. When the care period is over, you can stay on our server. We will not hin­der your coope­ra­tion with the per­son cre­ating your new page or intro­du­cing chan­ges for you.

On our server, the Let’s Encrypt SSL cer­ti­fi­ca­te is ava­ila­ble by default to secu­re eve­ry page. The cer­ti­fi­ca­te renews auto­ma­ti­cal­ly so you don’t have to wor­ry abo­ut its rene­wal. You can use a cer­ti­fi­ca­te secu­ring one doma­in or use a wild­card cer­ti­fi­ca­te. It’s all as part of the site care package.

You don’t have to think abo­ut Word­Press upda­tes and plu­gins. We do it for you. Within 12 hours of the appe­aran­ce of a new ver­sion of Word­Press or one of its plu­gins used on your websi­te, we will run the upda­te. Eve­ry­thing is done secu­re­ly, so your site always looks and works the same.

In the event of an impor­tant secu­ri­ty upda­te, such upda­te is car­ried out as soon as we learn abo­ut it, ensu­ring you the highest security.

Befo­re the main Word­Press upda­tes, an addi­tio­nal secu­ri­ty copy is made. In case of any non-stan­dard situ­ations or upda­te failu­res, your websi­te is quic­kly rever­ted to its pre­vio­us state.

You don’t have to wor­ry abo­ut some­thing bre­aking on your site.

Our prio­ri­ty is to deve­lop your websi­te taking into acco­unt your busi­ness goals.

After pay­ing for the order, befo­re moving your site to our servers, we audit vario­us are­as: Word­Press, plu­gins you use, spe­ed on your server, files on the server, secu­ri­ty, ana­ly­tics you use. You get the report of such an audit along with sug­ge­sted chan­ges that we will make after moving your site.

We per­form this audit aga­in after moving your site to our servers. This way you can see how your websi­te was made better.

We con­fi­gu­re ana­ly­ti­cal tools and pre­pa­re perio­dic reports on user beha­vior on your websi­te. For an addi­tio­nal fee we can ana­ly­ze them toghe­ther with you and per­form agre­ed chan­ges. You can also make them yourself.

All this to make your websi­te work for you the best it can so that it stays an effec­ti­ve mar­ke­ting tool for your business!

Do you have a question? Are you in need of advice?

As part of our care pac­ka­ge, you rece­ive tech­ni­cal sup­port from us. When some­thing goes wrong and you need advi­ce, you do not have to look long - just con­tact us or wri­te a post on our dedi­ca­ted custo­mer Face­bo­ok group.

If a chan­ge or intro­duc­tion of a new func­tion requ­ires more time, we will give you the best offer.

How does the website maintenance process looks like?

Step 1

Trans­fer of LOGIN data

We will help you pro­vi­de us with secu­re access to hosting, doma­in and WordPress.

Step 1

Step 2

Audit before transfer

We audit your site, its spe­ed, secu­ri­ty, plu­gins, upda­tes and bac­kups. In this way, we col­lect mate­rial for com­pa­ri­son with an audit after moving.

Step 2

Step 3

TRANS­FER and updates

We tra­sn­fer your websi­te and mail­bo­xes. We secu­re eve­ry­thing and pro­vi­de you with login data. We recom­mend chan­ging pas­swords on both the old and new servers.

Step 3

Step 4

Setting up care maintenance ingredients

We con­fi­gu­re bac­kups, site moni­to­ring, daily screenshots.

Step 4

Step 6

Post-trans­fer audit

We per­form an audit of your websi­te - simi­lar­ly to Step 2. Then we pre­sent you the result of this audit and com­pa­re what has chan­ged in rela­tion to the pre­vio­us ver­sion of your website.

Step 6

Eve­ry day


We take care of your websi­te eve­ry day - we moni­tor its ava­ila­bi­li­ty, spe­ed, bac­kups cor­rect­ness, upda­tes and security.

Eve­ry day

We invite you to cooperate with us!

choose your payment method

best for yourself

Pay monthly

You pay eve­ry 30 days
75 $ mon­th­ly
  • Super page speed 
  • Websi­te, mail and doma­in security 
  • SSL certificate 
  • Backups 
  • Word­Press and plu­gin updates 
  • Visu­al and func­tio­nal tests 
  • Sup­port and advice 
  • Transparency 

You make the first pay­ment via the link abo­ve. Eve­ry next month we will pro­vi­de you with a pay­ment link with an invo­ice. You will have 7 days to pay.

Pay yearly

Two mon­ths off
750 $ year­ly
  • Super page speed 
  • Websi­te, mail and doma­in security 
  • SSL certificate 
  • Backups 
  • Word­press and plu­gin updates 
  • Visu­al and func­tio­nal tests 
  • Sup­port and advice 
  • Transparency 
Top CHo­ice

You pay for it all at once and save $150 thanks to advan­ce pay­ment. Tha­t’s the equ­iva­lent of two mon­ths of care.

We issue invoices.

Who will you work with?

We are a mar­ria­ge of two enthu­sia­sts of new tech­no­lo­gies. Suf­fi­ce is to say that we met on Face­bo­ok. 😉 From the begin­ning of our joint pri­va­te road, we were also con­nec­ted on pro­fes­sio­nal level and we deci­ded to run the com­pa­ny toge­ther quite quickly.

Over the past years we have accu­mu­la­ted a lot of expe­rien­ce in the field of cre­ating websi­tes, buil­ding your brand with par­ti­cu­lar empha­sis on the Inter­net, but also wor­king with clients, conver­sa­tions with people at vario­us tech­ni­cal levels.

We love sha­ring our know­led­ge and we do it at eve­ry possi­ble oppor­tu­ni­ty - we help on Face­bo­ok gro­ups, wri­te our blogs, run lec­tu­res and tra­inings seve­ral times a year. We also plan other forms of help…

We were both edu­ca­ted in fields rela­ted to com­pu­ter scien­ce, but in the fur­ther cour­se our inte­re­sts deve­lo­ped sli­gh­tly dif­fe­ren­tly, which is why we com­ple­ment each other per­fec­tly, whi­le having exten­si­ve know­led­ge and skills.

Asia Ryćko-Bożeńska

She is an esthe­te with a fla­ir for psy­cho­lo­gy. She was bro­ught up in love of lan­gu­age and beau­ti­ful let­ters, but at the same time she always used com­pu­ters. She is fasci­na­ted by the so-cal­led user expe­rien­ce (UX), i.e. desi­gning intu­iti­ve and user-frien­dly things.

After years, she gave up pro­gram­ming for gra­phic design and - abo­ve all - mar­ke­ting. Thri­ves as a social media ninja.

Pri­va­te­ly - cooking rela­xes her.

Miłosz Ryćko-Bożeński

He has seve­ral years of pro­gram­ming expe­rien­ce. He is par­ti­cu­lar­ly pas­sio­na­te abo­ut issu­es rela­ted to Inter­net secu­ri­ty and websi­te opti­mi­za­tion. He recen­tly col­lec­ted and pre­sen­ted during one of the lec­tu­res over 300 com­po­nents of a good website.

Howe­ver, he is not a „typi­cal com­pu­ter scien­tist” - in addi­tion to the abo­ve spe­cia­li­za­tions, he some­ti­mes sits down to design websi­tes or deve­lop a mar­ke­ting strategy.

Pri­va­te­ly - a lover of Tol­kie­n’s work.

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Do you have any questions?


The con­ti­nu­ity of your websi­te­’s ope­ra­tion, along with its spe­ed and secu­ri­ty, are most impor­tant to us.

The beau­ty of Chi­ne­se medi­ci­ne is that it covers the who­le of human life. Even abo­ut a hun­dred years ago, the Chi­ne­se had a rule to pay phy­si­cians for keeping the­ir patients healthy.

The goal of each the­ra­py was com­pre­hen­si­ve care for the who­le body, not imme­dia­te tre­at­ment of indi­vi­du­al dysfunctions.

We take care of your websi­te in the same way.

We pre­fer con­tact by ema­il. Moni­to­ring sys­tems for servers and the­ir sites as well as other servi­ces, e.g. e-mail, will let us know pro­ba­bly faster that some­thing is wrong. In this situ­ation, we will imme­dia­te­ly take action to mini­mi­ze the inter­rup­tion in access.

In our expe­rien­ce, most pro­blems ari­se for three reasons: due to direct user acti­vi­ty, inter­me­dia­te user acti­vi­ty, and server problems.

We offer users who are awa­re and care abo­ut sle­ep. Espe­cial­ly at night. Thanks to this, the­re is no need to offer 24/7 sup­port. During the day you can wri­te to us and usu­al­ly you will get an answer within a few dozen minutes.

And how can a user indi­rec­tly lead to pro­blems? For exam­ple, instal­ling the bac­kup plu­gin in Word­Press, which clogs the server in express mode. Ano­ther situ­ation: the user does not upda­te Word­Press plu­gins or uses poor plu­gins. In this way, the websi­te gets infec­ted and bloc­ked by secu­ri­ty mechanisms.

How do we pre­vent it? We moni­tor Word­Press instal­la­tions and enco­ura­ge users to look after the­ir sites.

Howe­ver, when it comes to server pro­blems, we are guided by the say­ing „don’t touch a run­ning sys­tem” - don’t touch a wor­king sys­tem. We plan servi­ce work on the server a week in advan­ce. We main­ta­in our infra­struc­tu­re in such a way that we always have a „Plan B” that will allow, for exam­ple, to direct traf­fic to ano­ther server, so that your site­’s acces­si­bi­li­ty does not suffer.

Our goal is to keep your websi­te ava­ila­ble abo­ve 99.95%. This means that we ope­ra­te so that down­ti­me is not lon­ger than abo­ut 21 minu­tes a month.

We focus on buil­ding rela­tion­ships, not the num­ber of clients. Thanks to this, we know eve­ry websi­te well, which is under our care and we can thus bet­ter respond to your needs.

Let’s talk! We focus on trans­pa­ren­cy and rela­tion­ships. We belie­ve that in eve­ry situ­ation you can find a win-win solution.

We attach gre­at impor­tan­ce to the secu­ri­ty of pages entru­sted to us. Our servers acti­ve­ly use mecha­ni­sms aga­inst viru­ses, mal­wa­re spam and crac­king attacks. We ana­ly­ze emer­ging thre­ats on an ongo­ing basis and coun­te­ract them.

We know the say­ing „never trust bac­kups of hosting”, so in addi­tion to per­for­ming them accor­ding to the 3-2-1 method (we sto­re bac­kups in three loca­tions, of which two are out­si­de the main server, and one is kept offli­ne), we veri­fy bac­kups to check that they are per­for­med effec­ti­ve­ly and allow you to resto­re your data.

We use tools that were cre­ated in the Euro­pe­an Union, we use servers loca­ted in its territory.

Zna­my powie­dze­nie „nigdy nie ufaj kopiom zapa­so­wym hostin­gu”, dla­te­go oprócz ich wyko­ny­wa­nia zgod­nie z meto­dą 3-2-1 (prze­cho­wu­je­my kopie zapa­so­we w trzech loka­cjach, z cze­go dwie są poza głów­nym ser­we­rem, a jed­na jest prze­cho­wy­wa­na dodat­ko­wo offli­ne) wery­fi­ku­je­my wyko­na­ne kopie zapa­so­we, aby spraw­dzić, czy są wyko­ny­wa­ne sku­tecz­nie i pozwa­la­ją na odtwo­rze­nie Two­ich danych.

Wyko­rzy­stu­je­my narzę­dzia, któ­re powsta­ły na tere­nie Unii Euro­pej­skiej, korzy­sta­my z ser­we­rów znaj­du­ją­cych się na jej terenie. 

Your servi­ces will work all the time. We have con­struc­ted our pro­ce­du­res in such a way that your busi­ness will not suf­fer in any way.

Is it possi­ble to agree on the indi­vi­du­al trans­fer time so as not to move the page during incre­ased inte­rest in the page?

We assess the sca­le of the infec­tion and the best sce­na­rios to neu­tra­li­ze it. We not only remo­ve the infec­tion, but also secu­re your site so that the infec­tion does not recur. This may requ­ire addi­tio­nal costs, it may only requ­ire cle­aning and upda­ting of all com­po­nents used on your site. You may also be requ­ired to pur­cha­se a licen­se for the ones you are using to upda­te the page.

If the cre­ator of your websi­te bought a the­me, which then modi­fied for your needs, often, unfor­tu­na­te­ly, it does not intro­du­ce a licen­se for paid items, which pre­vents upda­ting. We con­si­der such acti­vi­ties une­thi­cal and disho­nest. Howe­ver, when „milk has spil­led”, the­re are two options to deal with the situation.

Po pierw­sze może­my Ci pomóc kupić licen­cje na wtycz­ki i moty­wy, któ­re tego wyma­ga­ją lub prze­pi­sa­nie Two­jej stro­ny w taki spo­sób, aby wyko­rzy­sty­wa­ła jak naj­wię­cej dar­mo­wych ele­men­tów. Dzię­ki duże­mu doświad­cze­niu w pro­gra­mo­wa­niu, czę­sto zastę­pu­je­my płat­ne wtycz­ki wła­snym kodem, któ­re reali­zu­ją nie­zbęd­ne funkcje.

Dru­gie roz­wią­za­nie to zakup nie­zbęd­nych licen­cji. Bazu­jąc na naszych doświad­cze­niach, naj­czę­ściej twór­cy stron „zapo­mi­na­ją” wpro­wa­dzić licen­cji do wty­czek-kom­baj­nów, któ­re moc­no obcią­ża­ją stronę.

W takiej sytu­acji przy­glą­da­my się indy­wi­du­al­nie każ­dej stro­nie i suge­ru­je­my naj­lep­sze rozwiązanie.

We pro­vi­de each user with a dedi­ca­ted page whe­re he can see in real time what the ava­ila­bi­li­ty of his servi­ces looks like on a mon­th­ly basis.

We moni­tor our sites and all sites sepa­ra­te­ly. If some­thing hap­pens to some­thing, e.g. is una­va­ila­ble, or it starts char­ging much lon­ger, we will pro­ba­bly know it faster than you and react.

If you want to make any chan­ges to the site your­self, install a plug-in, or any­thing else, we enco­ura­ge you to first make a bac­kup befo­re star­ting work from the hosting panel. Thanks to this, when your leg is bro­ken, you will be able to resto­re your site to its pre­vio­us - wor­king - state.

Howe­ver, if you need help, just wri­te to us in chat.

The fol­lo­wing infor­ma­tion is inc­lu­ded in the mon­th­ly report:

  • how many times you have achie­ved your goals
  • report on visits and user beha­vior based on Google Analytics,
  • graph of page loading speed,
  • list of SEO impro­ve­ments you can make
  • report on per­for­med bac­kups and the­ir verification.

We appro­ach each busi­ness indi­vi­du­al­ly, the­re­fo­re yours too. If some­thing cat­ches the eye, which is worth tal­king abo­ut and imple­ment the arran­ge­ments made, we will defi­ni­te­ly wri­te abo­ut it in the mon­th­ly report or ear­lier, when it is an urgent matter.

You can log in to all servi­ces, mana­ge them your­self. Trans­pa­ren­cy is cru­cial to us. The­se are your pages and we sup­port your business.

If they work, it means that the pro­blem may affect only your site and is not cau­ght by us or is cau­sed by your actions.

If this is some­thing that we do not cap­tu­re, go to the custo­mer panel and wri­te us in your own words what is going on. Also inc­lu­de scre­en­shots if necessary.


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